IMTEX 2022 - Dontyne

Dontyne will continue participation of our scheduled events (Covid 19 regulation dependant), even if attendance is not possible in person. The next scheduled was to be IMTEX 2022 in Bengaluru in India 20-26 January. Regrettably, but not surprisingly, it has been postponed. We hope to see our clients and new contacts in India at the IMTEX 2022 event once rescheduled. Mr. Dutta and the team from Himshiv Machines will be there to promote the current GPS 5.6 release from Dontyne Systems and the current development in GPS 5.7 scheduled for April 2022. This will include improved integration of GPS with machine tools and inspection equipment, greatly improved simulations for Skiving and Honing, and a new design and simulation for Hypoid gears.

We will also be strongly promoting the Dontyne Gears R&D facilities. These can be used to investigate new manufacturing techniques and novel designs in a short time frame.

To arrange a detailed discussion or demonstration before or at the event contact Mr. Dutta (

To find out more about the events Dontyne will be attending please keep an eye on this website and also our Facebook page. If you need any further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

IMTEX 2022

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