Dontyne Launches G-Code Export To Cnc Machining At IMTS, Chicago, 12-17 September - Dontyne Gears

Dontyne Gears will promote its range of products and services at IMTS next month. This will include the launch of a tool in the Gear Production Suite by Dontyne Systems to generate G-code for machine tools to cut gear teeth without the need for a CAM package. This will save a great deal of time for any company looking for alternatives to standard gear production methods. Mazak Inc have confirmed the output is compatible with their range of products and will be demonstrating the use of this at the show. Further development and direct integration with machine tools will enable real time correction for error from tool wear and thermal distortion.replicas de relojes espana

For more information on this new software including, demo and free trial install contact or and visit us at IMTS Booth #N-7227 and with Mazak at Booth #S-8300

Dontyne Gears will also be promoting it’s ability to provide gear design and analysis services including test programs for validation as well offering related products such as measurement equipment and test rigs.

Spiral Bevel Design – Quick design of spur, helical, bevel, and spline pairs geometry with loaded tooth contact analysis




Definition Of Process – Definition of 4 or 5 axis machine and cutting process including tooling, rough and/or finish cut, variable cutting options for optimum process definition




Export CNC Path as G-Code – Calculation and export of the G-code for CNC machines completed within seconds




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