Dontyne Gears Begins Testing on Own Back-To-Back Rig - Dontyne Gears

We have completed the installation and pass-off of our new Back-To-Back test rig developed in collaboration with Reece Innovation and Dontyne Systems. The initial arrangement is 125mm centres at 2.5 : 3.5 ratio but the rig can be configured to test gears of various centre distances and ratios for customer requirement.  As well as standard involute gearing, this rig can evaluate the potential of various conditions from materials such as PM and plastic, and non-involute profiles. Several companies have already expressed and interest in work programs using this equipment. The results will be used to enhance the models of the Dontyne Systems GPS software LTCA. This development represents the demonstrator of a product line to be offered to the industry with interest already from companies in UK, Germany, and Japan.

For more information on this please do not hesitate to contact us.

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