About - Dontyne Gears

About Dontyne Gears

Dontyne Gears Ltd is the latest venture from Dr. Michael Fish, one of the team behind Dontyne Systems Ltd, a prominent company in the field of Gear Measuring and Tooling software.

Dontyne Gears aims to take the process a step further and offer protoyping and manufacturing services.

We can offer creation of new designs, improvement of existing designs and Research & Development of novel designs.

Our team has already developed sales relationships with several prominent providers of Gear Manufacturing equipment. This has enabled us to provide ease of integration of Dontyne Systems software in to our customer’s production facilities.

How We Work

Our skill sets allow us to be an additional expert resource for those companies directly involved in power train, and external gear specialist consultants for those companies involved in automotive but not necessarily having gear know-how. We will discuss the best option for the work program on a case by case basis. This could be insertion of personnel for a period of time, but more likely the definition of a work program to be carried out at our Washington facility. Being a small company, we can drastically reduce development and delivery times as well as being extremely competitive on cost.

Dontyne can carry out design work, manufacturing (hobbing, shaping, profile grinding), and inspection in-house. We can also carry out testing programs if required looking at durability, NVH, and efficiency. Given that this all happens in one site by personnel trained across a range of disciplines, the reduced times for prototyping and testing and considerable. Our company has already looked into product development from companies such as Renishaw plc, and materials testing by Höganäs AB (powder metal) and Victrex plc (polymer).



A significant advantage is that Dontyne is willing to pursue principles in design and machining techniques that are not yet main stream industry to gain a competitive advantage. At the same time, a reasoned argument (with appropriate analysis from our own software) is given to enquirers using our in-house capability to ensure and new concepts have a good chance of success before proceeding. We will recommend not proceeding if it is though there is no advantage to our customer. This in itself would be an advantage.  Where we have proceeded there have been massive advantages proven in time, cost, and competitive advantage.

We can provide design data for work pieces, tools, and gearboxes with drawings. We will also provide a project file from the Gear Production Suite software as a deliverable so that there can be a knowledge transfer as we collaborate on design projects. The data provided can also include protocols for machines such as  G-Code for multi-axis platforms and target surface data for inspection equipment.  Naturally we can offer an after sales support service for an on-going project.

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