Dontyne to exhibit on UK Pavilion of JSAE, Yokohama, 22-24th May

14 May 2019

Dontyne Gears will have a pod for the third year in succession at the UK Pavilion of JSAE, Yokohama.

Dontyne Gears in Japan in 2019

This will be an opportunity to promote the new prototyping and testing facilities available to complement design projects undertaken by Dontyne Gears engineers. Test programs already in discussion include asymmetric flank and non involute gears, and also investigations of powder metal and even polymer gears. All the appropriate equipment will be in place by end of July. Much of the equipment used in the investigations, such as our own test rigs and high accuracy gear checker from OSK, will be available as a product. The knowledge from the investigations will be greatly beneficial to the Gear Production Suite of design and manufacturing tools produced by Dontyne Systems.