About Dontyne Gears

Dontyne Gears Ltd is the latest venture from Dr. Michael Fish, one of the team behind Dontyne Systems Ltd, a prominent company in the field of Gear Measuring and Tooling software.

Dontyne Gears aims to take the process a step further and offer protoyping and manufacturing services.

We can offer creation of new designs, improvement of existing designs and Research & Development of novel designs.

Our team has already developed sales relationships with several prominent providers of Gear Manufacturing equipment. This has enabled us to provide ease of integration of Dontyne Systems software in to our customer’s production facilities.
There are four parts to our company;

  • Design and Analysis Service

We can offer a design service to create new gear systems or optimize existing ones. This can include analysis of operating criteria under load such as stress, vibration, efficiency and power loss.

  • Manufacture and Inspection

Our company can produce test gears up to 500mm diameter and inspect using high precision machines.

  • Testing and validation

There are a range of test rigs in house and with our development partners at The Design Unit, Newcastle Upon Tyne, to validate various performance criteria of designs.

  • Products

We have a commercial agreement with the companies whose products we use in our services to offer them as part of a complete cell to the customer.

Dontyne Gears can assist with the design and development of your gearing system with proven performance and, if required, offer a turn key solution to reproduce this for our customers.